Our Investment Service is essentially a four stage process:-

Stage 1. Determine Attitude to Risk

This will require the completion of a risk questionnaire and face to face discussion designed to assess the level of return you would like to receive and how you are likely to react to a fall in the value of your funds.

Stage 2. Set Asset Allocation Strategy

The asset allocation suggested for a particular investor will take account of

  • Attitude to risk
  • Investment horizon
  • Current economic conditions

Stage 3. Select Suitable Funds

The universe of available funds is substantial (although certain contracts may place restrictions on funds available). The first stage of the investment selection process is therefore to reduce this to a manageable quantity. This is achieved by reference to information provided by rating agencies e.g. OBSR and Financial Express.

Thereafter we carry out a thorough examination of past performance, volatility of past performance and experience of fund manager(s). We will also meet with fund managers which will allow us to gain an informed understanding of the way they operate. The objective being to ensure that the manager appears competent and has a clear strategy for the investment of your savings.

Ongoing Review

In many ways this is the most important stage of the process as it is clear from the continual fluctuations in investment markets that adjustments will be required to your portfolio from time to time.

This may be as a result of a lifetime event which requires a reassessment of your attitude to risk.

A change in the general economic environment is likely to trigger a review of your asset allocation strategy.

In addition we continually monitor performance of and news flow from the individual funds making up your portfolio. This ensures that we are in a position to react to any changes that take place. We will also have a suitable replacement fund earmarked which can be readily substituted if necessary.
Our Service to You

  • As a client you will receive a yearly review of your portfolio
  • This will include an up to date valuation of your portfolio and commentary on performance of your funds
  • In addition as we monitor funds on an ongoing basis, if we deem it necessary to change funds at an intermediate point we will write to you recommending appropriate changes
“I established my first personal pension with Corporate Benefits on starting a new job in 2014, having previously held a corporate pension.  Being fairly new to pensions, Corporate Benefits were extremely helpful in giving me enough information and advice to understand the tailored pension they recommended for me.  They have happily answered any questions I have had during the process, including helping me to understand clearly the breakdown of payments and investments.  With the pension recommended for me, I have been able to monitor the pension growth and personalised regular investment reviews made via a web portal which has been both interesting and rewarding.  At my first yearly review, earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised by the growth over my first year and reassured that the regular monitoring of my pension strategy are benefiting me over the longer term.”
Dr Ewan Towie