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Assumptions: Term of 20 years / Client is a Non Smoker / Single Life


Corporate Benefits offers financial advice to both Companies and Individuals. Originally advising...

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Corporate Benefits has a long and successful history in advising Small to Medium Sized Enterprises...

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At retirement

Choosing Company Pension Retirement Options When you have worked for a company over a number of years and have been lucky enough to build up one of those gold-plated Final Salary Pensions, the point at which you retire becomes a bit like judgement day. You are typically presented with two or three options in your generic retirement pack – take the full income, take the full lump sum and reduced income, or something in between. The problem is that once you have made your choice you cannot go back. The choice will be set in stone for life, for what could be 40 years. So this decision is huge and advice should be taken. Understandably, we receive lots of enquiries from people at this stage of their life who require help with the decision making process. It’s a lot of pressure to take on yourself if you have not thought about it much before and you have limited knowledge of the options available.

Corporate Benefits work place pension experts

Employee Benefit Design Your ability to attract highly qualified and motivated staff will be enhanced by the offer of a carefully designed employee benefits. Accordingly it is important that the benefits package is designed to optimise the available budget. A full review will cover all existing benefit provision and all legacy arrangements including final salary and money purchase pension schemes, death benefits, critical illness cover, income protection and private medical insurance. Scheme Installation We will create a communication programme which will clearly inform employees about the new package. We will actively manage the flow of data from the company to their providers to make ensure the new arrangements run smoothly.